Convergent Design Odyssey 7 pricing announced

Dan Keaton of Convergent Design laid out pricing and features for the highly anticipated Odyssey 7 monitors on DVXUser. Read the post for complete details.

Here is the abridged version:
Odyssey 7 & 7Q will include the compressed codecs in the price. This means DNX initially and ProRes via firmware update after certification.

Odyssey7Q $2295 (US Price)

Avid DNxHD Recording Capabilities are enabled, for free,
upon insertion of a Convergent Design SSD.
Additional recording options are available as described below.
Initial Shipments of the Odyssey7Q are planned for August 2013

High Performance Convergent Design SSD’s

240 GB $595 (US Price)
480 GB $1195 (US Price)
960 GB $2195 (US Price)

Odyssey 7Q Recording Options

FS700 Support: $1495, $75/day rental rate (US Prices)

HD/2K Raw up to 240fps (.dng format – Cinema DNG),
Quad HD/4K YCbCr Uncompressed up to 30 fps (.dpx format)
This option scheduled to be release in August, 2013.

Canon C500: $2495, $125/day rental rate (US Prices)

Quad HD/4K Raw 10-bit up to 60 fps,
Half QuadHD/Half 4K Raw 10-bit up to 120 fps (.rmf format);
Uncompressed HD/2K RGB 4:4:4 10/12-bit up to 60 fps (.dpx format);
DNxHD Compressed HD YCC 8/10-Bit up to 120 fps
(880 Mbps, .mov format).
Support for all C500 frame rates/modes for in one unit.
Some modes require two SSDs.
Simultaneous RAW and Proxy (DNxHD-36) up to 60 fps supported
(which is the limit of the camera’s monitor output)
This option scheduled to be release in August, 2013.

HD/2K High Frame Rate/RGB 4:4:4 $1495, $75/day rental rate (US Prices)

DNxHD Compressed HD YCbCr 8-Bit/10-Bit up to 120 fps
(up to 880 Mbps, .mov format)
Avid DNxHD-36, -100, -145, -220 (8-Bit), -220x (10-Bit)
Uncompressed HD/2K RGB 4:4:4 10/12-Bit up to 60 fps (.dpx format)
Also accepts 4:2:2 YCbCr and records in 4:4:4 RGB(.dpx format);

Quad HD/4K Support: $1495, $75/day rental rate (US Prices)

Uncompressed QHD/4K YCbCr 10-bit up to 30 fps (.dpx format).
For Sony F55 and other cameras that can output uncompressed 4K over four HD-SDI Single-Link Outputs.

HD/2K Raw: $2495, $125/day rental rate (US Prices)

HD and 2K Raw, up to 120 fps (.dng format – Cinema DNG).
Supports cameras from IO Industries, Lux Media Plan, Indiecam, Weisscam, P&S Technik X35

ALEXA ARRIRAW: $2995, $150/day rental rate (US Prices)

ARRIRAW (16:9 up to 60 fps, 4:3 up to 48 fps) with VariFrame and de-squeeze support (.ari format)
Simultaneous RAW and Proxy (DNxHD-36) up to 30 fps supported
(which is the limit of the camera’s monitor output)
This option scheduled to be released Q4 2013

Quad Stream HD Recording: $3995, $200/day rental rate (US Prices)

Supports recording up to four separate (Genlock not required)
video streams into four separate files using Avid DNxHD,
up to 1080p30/1080i60 or 720p60
(up to 220 Mbps/stream, .mov format).
The four HD streams may be displayed in separate quadrants on the OLED monitor and/or external monitor.
This option scheduled to be released Q4 2013.


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