Next NJFCPUG Meeting October 22, 2013

MacProApologies for the lack of communication in the last few months. Things have been very busy for me. I appreciate the emails from those checking in to make sure everything was ok.

Every time I would organize a meeting, a job would come in that would pull me out of town. Things are looking better for October.

No details yet on where, those details will be announced soon.

As far as the agenda goes, I hope to be able to discuss a new MacPro, and a new verison of Final Cut which appear close on the horizon.

Other goodies that I plan to share with you include the Odyssey 7Q monitor from Convergent Design, the OneManCrew slider from Red Rock Micro, and the DJI Phantom, which is a drone for low cost aerial photography. I also have an order (since NAB) for a great looking expansion chassis from Sonnet called the ThunderDock.

Looking forward to seeing everyone on Oct 22.

Art Aldrich
Group Leader


Leader of the NJFCPUG.

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