Apple info from NAB 2013 on FCPX

As written by BenB of Cajun Cutters, from a post on regarding info disclosed to him by Apple. Read it for yourself here.

“Just for fun, I’ll repeat what was told and can be repeated from Apple’s private meetings at NAB Show 2013.

  • There will in fact be a new Mac designed strictly for high end professionals. It’s form factor is unknown. I will be released “later this year”.
  • FCP X was planned from the very beginning to have alternating bug/feature updates every 3 months, and that will continue indefinitely.
  • There eventually will be a paid update, but only when it is justifiable, warranted, necessary, and will be reasonable.
  • Collaboration/Multiple user environments are being looked at very seriously.
  • FCPX in it’s first year and then at two years has sold more copies than FCP 7 did in it’s whole three year life span.
  • FCP X was always designed from the beginning to be modular to a point, with reliance on third party developers for some functions. Buy the camera body, then get the lenses and rigs you need. That’s how it works. (Personally I like it that way.)
  • No comment at all concerning better audio support, Logic Pro X, etc.”

Ben went on further…

“What I was whispered to by reliable sources on the show floor. Take some of these statements as second hand hearsay.

  • Apple has a number of folks deep inside the Hollywood production companies, seriously working with them on some big things.
  • Apple’s pro app dev team is in more direct touch with their users than given credit for.
  • When FCP X was initially released, many of their higher education and corporate clients threatened to abandon Final Cut and the Apple platform altogether. To this very day, an infinitesimal number actually have. The numbers switching to FCP X are growing exponentially. The vast majority have NOT switched to any other NLE.”

Leader of the NJFCPUG.

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