Some (unofficial) clarification from Apple

I was able to speak with one of the Final Cut development team for a few minutes and asked him questions until he could squirm no more.

Regarding DVD Studio Pro, there was no reason to update the app until HD burners are available in a Mac. He would not elaborate any further. I would expect an update to DVDSP at some point this year, maybe at WWDC in June.

Live Type is still included in the bundle, but has received no attention.

I was also curious about the ability to play any clip/framerate combination in real time. It is not tied to the ProRes codec. It is being done in the processor on the fly. It takes the parameters from the first clip you drop in, and will conform the rest of the clips to that. He wasn’t sure about changing that after the fact. In other words, if I start with a HD timeline and drop in SD clips, then decide to make the timeline SD. Seems like one would have to start over.

I also asked him about Leopard, and benefits of the 64bit memory space. He seemed to indicate that there would be no benefit to Final Cut specifically from Leopard. He stated that this was not part of his job, so he was not certain.

More updates as I get a chance to see some more of the show.


Leader of the NJFCPUG.

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