Preparing for NAB 2007

As I finish preparations for the Panasonic booth where I will be working during the show, anticipation is high in the world of Apple.

At 11am PDT, Apple will announce something. We all expect to see the next generation of the Final Cut package. Word on the street has been quiet.

I expect to see FCP with support for MXF formats and new formats like JPEG2000, HD authoring capability in DVD Studio Pro, and new towers with Blu-Ray burners installed.

I was also anticipating some new wow features tied to new hardware announcements and the release of Leopard, Mac OS 10.5

My hopes were dashed a bit by Apple’s surprise announcement that they were delaying the release of 10.5 until October. The reason stated was to finish the iPhone and finish development the 10.5 release.

There is a lot of other exciting announcements that I will be following, like Adobe’s Premiere Pro for Mac and the formats that it will support.

I will post an update after the Apple event.


Leader of the NJFCPUG.

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