The Mission

I am up in Alaska with the P2 “Dream Team”. This team consists of (l-r) Mike Caporale, C.R. Caillouet, Bernie Mitchell, myself, and Barry Green. Sandwiched in between Barry and I is Chas St. George, Public Relations for the Iditarod organization.

P2 Dream Team

We are working with the Iditarod production team to train them on the P2 workflow and to setup the HXP-2000 and HVX-200 cameras that they will be using.


The inventory for this production includes 5 HPX-2000 cameras, 5 HVX-200 cameras, 150 8GB P2 cards, and 2 P2 Mobiles.

The logistics to run this race are tremendous. Over 34 aircraft will be used to transport food, dogs, equipment, and the Panasonic camera crews around the race course.

Once the training is done, the P2 team is staying around to produce a behind the scenes documentary for Panasonic.

Art and HVX200


Leader of the NJFCPUG.

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